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Any purchases made via a link on pixelrig.com are between you (the buyer) and the third party (seller). In no way is pixelrig.com part of any purchase or sale made in resulting of use of this website. Please read all item descriptions and seller feedback carefully before bidding. Buy at your own risk.

You are entirely responsible for any submitted content. If you submit a website to be included in our pixelrig.com Directory, or an article to appear on pixelrig.com, you understand that pixelrig.com reserves the right to remove your submission at any time at our discretion, or make changes to your submitted content as we see fit. No content that we feel is inappropriate to pixelrig.com will be permitted.

Media content: we make every reasonable attempt to make sure that all images and media displayed on pixelrig.com are creatives owned by pixelrig.com or are public domain and free of any copyright restrictions. If media content whose copyright is owned by you inadvertently appears on pixelrig.com you agree to inform pixelrig.com immediately and the content in question will be removed from pixelrig.com as soon as is reasonably possible. By visiting pixelrig.com you agree not to hold pixelrig.com, or its owners, liable for any alleged copyright infringement, furthermore you agree to pay pixelrig.com any costs incurred by pixelrig.com, or its owners, for any legal proceedings invoked by you regarding any perceived or alleged copyright infringement regarding media content posted on pixelrig.com.

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